Inner Sea

‘the boat is a floating piece of space, a place without a place, that exists by itself, that is closed in on itself and at the same time is given over to the infinity of the sea (…) : it is the greatest reserve of the imagination. The ship is the heterotopia par excellence. In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up...’
Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias.

Video realised by ThomR

Site specific installation at Camden Fort, Crosshaven, Ireland.
Work comissioned by Cork County Council.

Inner sea is a temporary site-specific installation commissioned by Cork County Council for the re-opening of  Fort Camden in Crosshaven. 
An abandoned room of the fort with a blue green paint flaking away is filled up with water. The ‘inner sea’ brings the place to life in a dreamlike atmosphere: the water reflects the arched ceiling and makes the room feel very deep - would Alice in Wonderland fall down there to reach unknown worlds? -and, when you look up, you can see through the window the real sea. Tiny boats float on the surface. Fragile small fleet, they look like a naval army from a child’s perspective. 
War as a game, with boats that would only reach overseas in fairy tales; here they drift slowly with the currents, or go through patches of fog…